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IHS Low-Voltage Motors Report: Process industry markets up four percent in 2017 


  • The global process industries collectively grew by 4 percent, from 2016 to 2017, accounting for $3.7 billion in revenue and is forecasted to reach $4.4 billion by 2022. In terms of global growth, process industries outpaced discrete industries by roughly 1 percent.
  • Half of the process sector revenues were dominated by four vendors: ABB; Wolong; Siemens; and WEG. Regal Beloit, Nidec and other vendors are smaller, but have a considerable presence, as well.
  • The oil and gas industry and the water and wastewater industry were the top two industries in the process markets in 2017, accounting for almost half of all low-voltage motor revenues in process sectors.


  • 从2016年到2017年,全球流程工业总增长了4%,收入达37亿美元,预计到2022年将达到44亿美元。就全球增长而言,流程工业的增长速度超过离散工业约1%。
  • 流程部门收入的一半由四家供应商主导: ABB、卧龙、西门子和WEG。雷勃电气、日本电产和其他一些供应商规模较小,但也有相当多的布局。
  • 2017年,石油和天然气以及水处理是流程市场的两个最大行业,占流程工业所有低压电机收入的近一半。

The low-voltage motor market contracted in 2016. Process industries were hit the hardest, largely due to depressed oil prices and oversupply concerns in the projects business. In 2017 the market experienced a recovery, and the process industries experienced the strongest upswing, especially the oil and gas sector. The top process industries grew at a faster rate than the top discrete industries in 2017, and this trend continued in 2018, according to the “Low Voltage Motors Report” from IHS Markit.

低压电机市场在2016年收缩。流程工业遭受的打击最为严重,主要原因是石油价格下跌和项目业务的供应过剩。2017年,市场复苏,流程行业取得最强劲的增长,尤其是石油和天然气行业。IHS Markit的《低压电机报告》显示,2017年主要流程行业的增长速度快于主要离散行业,并且这一趋势在2018年持续。

Rising oil prices led to a strong rebound in the oil and gas industry, which meant large projects that were previously delayed due to pending equipment purchases needed to capitalize on the industry’s growth. Most of the purchasing came from projects that were pushed in the Middle East, as well as additional investment into the United States. As the industry continues to receive more investment, global low-voltage motor sales in 2018 are expected to grow 9.1 percent, which is higher than the 6.1 percent growth in 2017.

油价上涨带动了石油和天然气行业的强劲反弹,这意味着之前由于需要购买设备而推迟的大型项目需要利用该行业的增长。大部分采购来自中东项目,以及对美国的额外投资。随着该行业继续获得更多投资,预计2018年全球低压电机销售额将增长9.1 %,高于2017年的6.1 %。

Global low-voltage motor sales in the water and wastewater industry also experienced modest growth, with revenues growing at an estimated 3.7 percent rate in 2017. The growth in sales was caused by a 6.3 percent increase in global residential and nonresidential construction spending, which is projected to increase by 7.1 percent in 2018.

全球低压电机在水处理行业的销售也取得了适度增长,2017年的收入估计增长3.7 %。销售额增长是由于全球住宅和非住宅建筑支出增长6.3 %,预计2018年将增长7.1 %。

Ongoing droughts in Southeast Asia have also boosted demand for motors used in pumping applications. Since irrigation infrastructure in the region has aged, many motors were purchased to upgrade existing pump systems. China continues to show strong growth in water utilities and recycling sales, boosting the industry in the Asia-Pacific region with roughly 3.5 percent revenue growth in 2017. North America and Western Europe, on the other hand, are lagging behind the market average. Most opportunities in these regions will come from the energy industry, as oil and gas plants require large amounts of water to operate.

东南亚持续的干旱也提高了对泵送应用电机的需求。由于该地区灌溉基础设施老化,购买了大量电机来升级现有的泵系统。中国的水公用事业和循环销售继续强劲增长,推动了亚太地区的行业增长,2017年收入增长大约3.5 %。另一方面,北美和西欧落后于市场平均水平。这些地区的大多数机会来自能源工业,因为石油和天然气工厂需要大量的水来运作。 

Global low-voltage motor sales for the metal processing industry grew 2.3 percent in 2017, compared to the previous year, due to increased investment in Vietnam, Iran, Algeria, Qatar, Mexico and other growing economies. India’s manufacturing sector is also experiencing growth, thanks to continued government infrastructure spending, which boosted the construction and mining activity required for India’s manufacturing sector.

受到越南、伊朗、阿尔及利亚、卡塔尔、墨西哥和其他增长经济体的投资增加推动,2017年全球金属加工业的低压电机销售额比前一年增长了2.3 %。由于政府持续的基础设施支出,印度制造业也在经历增长,这推动了印度制造业所需的基建和采矿活动。 

U.S. tariffs on steel and aluminum imports have increased demand for domestic steel, causing U.S. steel manufacturers to heavily invest in new equipment to keep up with demand. The future of U.S.-imposed tariffs, and the sustainability of the corresponding recent growth in the US metal processing industry, remains uncertain.


On the other hand, China has been suffering from closures of multiple metal processing factories, caused by the Chinese Ministry of Ecology and Environment crackdown on facilities that are not in compliance with new environmental standards. Since China produces half of the global output of aluminum, the decline in production stifled the global metal processing industry growth rate.


The IHS Markit 2018 "Low-Voltage Motors Report" provides qualitative and quantitative analysis of the market. Comprehensive global, regional and country level market sizes are presented, with five-year forecasts, allowing key opportunities to be identified.  This report also offers global and regional-level market shares.

IHS Markit 2018年《低压电机报告》对市场进行了定性和定量分析。介绍了全球、区域和国家一级的综合市场规模,并给出了五年预测,从而确定关键机会。本报告还提供了全球和区域市场份额。



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