集成微软Azure OpenAI,施耐德电气推动生成式人工智能生产力和可持续发展解决方案 2023-11-17 14:48 《中华工控网》翻译

Schneider Electric drives Generative AI productivity and sustainability solutions by integrating Microsoft Azure OpenAI
集成微软Azure OpenAI,施耐德电气推动生成式人工智能生产力和可持续发展解决方案
- Schneider Electric customers and employees use GenAI (Generative AI) capabilities which deliver productivity gains and new ways of working
- Collaboration with Microsoft in artificial intelligence is focused on creating innovative solutions for sustainability


Nov.13,2023 -- Schneider Electric, the leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, is harnessing the capabilities of Generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) to empower customers and transform its internal operations.

2023年11月13日消息-- 作为能源管理和自动化数字化转型的领军企业,施耐德电气正在利用生成式人工智能能力为客户赋能,并实现其内部业务转型。

Building on the foundations of a long-standing collaboration with Microsoft, Schneider Electric is integrating Microsoft Azure OpenAI to develop solutions that leverage algorithms to generate text, code, and other types of content. This has empowered Schneider Electric to reimagine its approach to various operational processes, streamlining time-consuming tasks, optimizing resource allocation, and gaining speed and efficiency. At the same time the Group continues to apply GenAI to advance innovation in its offer portfolio.

基于和微软长久以来的合作,施耐德电气集成了微软Azure OpenAI, 以便研发能够运用算法生成文本、代码以及其他多种内容的解决方案。这赋予了施耐德电气重组各种运营流程方式的能力,简化了耗时任务、优化了资源配置并提高了速度和效率。同时,集团继续采用生成式人工智能以推动产品组合的创新。

The key highlights of Schneider Electric's use of GenAI include:


Resource Advisor Copilot – using Large Language Model technology through Microsoft Azure OpenAI, Schneider Electric has securely built Copilot as a convenient digital companion embedded inside Resource Advisor. Copilot equips customers with enhanced data analysis, visualization, decision support, and performance optimization, and the ability to seamlessly process intricate industry knowledge and Resource Advisor system information.
Jo-Chat GPT – internal conversational assistant based on Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service allowing employees to profit from Generative AI capabilities in a secure way.
Finance Advisor – this conversational assistant provides an easy and effective way to find precise information for financial analysts in accounting and other functions within global finance. It helps to achieve consistent, compliant, and timely decision-making.
Knowledge Bot – conversational assistant helping customer care representatives find precise information to customer queries and proposing appropriate answer based on large internal documentation.
Conversational search – helping our customers search for the products they need in a natural conversation style using semantic search capability.

Resource Advisor Copilot——施耐德电气借助微软Azure OpenAI,引入了大型语言模型技术,成功打造了Copilot。这一安全解决方案能够轻松整合Resource Advisor,使其成为得力的数字助手。Copilot为客户提供了增强的数据分析、可视化、决策支持和性能优化功能,同时能够流畅处理复杂的行业知识和Resource Advisor系统信息。
Jo-Chat GPT——基于微软Azure OpenAI的内部对话助手能够帮助员工以安全的方式发挥出生成式人工智能的能力。
Finance Advisor——该对话助手向全球金融领域的会计和其他职能部门的财务分析师提供了一种简便而有效的查找精确信息的方式。它能够协助人们做出一致、合规且及时的决策。
Knowledge Bot——对话助手能够帮助客户关怀代表找出客户查询的准确信息,并根据大量内部文件给出稳妥的解答。

Schneider Electric is also looking to integrate Github Copilot to further enhance its offer creation processes and operations as well as Sales Copilot to further empower frontline employees.

施耐德电气还正探索整合Github Copilot,用于进一步增强其产品创造流程和运营,并计划整合Sales Copilot,从而进一步为一线员工赋能。

Commenting on these technological and business advancements, Philippe Rambach, Chief AI Officer at Schneider Electric, stated, "Generative AI is a game-changer and we are investing in this technology. It has already allowed us to enhance internal productivity, and it aligns perfectly with our commitment to continuous improvement and impactful innovation focused on sustainability."

施耐德电气首席人工智能官Philippe Rambach在评论这些技术和商业进步时表示:“生成式人工智能的兴起改变了行业格局,我们正在加大对这项技术的投资力度。它已经能够帮助我们提高内部生产力,这与我们在可持续发展方面不断改进并勇于创新的承诺步调一致。”

The AI hub organization at Schneider Electric was launched in 2021, before the GenAI technology became prevalent. With the emergence of these new tools, the company created a dedicated GenAI core team to work closely with internal and external stakeholders to detect early application opportunities.


Schneider Electric's adoption of Generative AI and integration with Microsoft Azure OpenAI underscores their commitment to staying at the forefront of technological innovation in energy management and industrial automation. The companies are focused on leveraging advanced technologies to drive efficiency gains, foster innovation, and achieve sustainable growth.

通过引入生成式人工智能并与微软Azure OpenAI 集成,施耐德电气清晰表达了在能源管理和工业自动化领域引领潮流的决心。公司一直重视通过利用高级技术,推动效率提升,培养创新并实现可持续发展。

"Microsoft Azure OpenAI allows Schneider to develop agile, scalable, cost-effective and AI-powered solutions which are in line with our shared ambitions for a sustainable and digitalized future," said Dominik Wee, Corporate Vice President, Manufacturing and Mobility at Microsoft.

“微软Azure OpenAI能够帮助施耐德电气开发灵活、可扩展,经济高效且由人工智能赋能的解决方案,这符合我们对可持续和数字化未来的共同期望,”微软制造和移动部门总部副总裁Dominik Wee表示。

Schneider Electric portfolio of solutions built on Microsoft Azure offers its customers next-generation cloud-based, IoT (Internet of Things) solutions as well as advanced data and AI capabilities.


Together, the two companies help customers bridge the gap between setting ambitious sustainability goals and achieving them.


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