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BASF Selects ABB for Greenfield Projects After a Successful Ethernet-APL Trial

As part of the first greenfield Ethernet Advanced Physical Layer (Ethernet-APL) project for BASF in Europe, ABB has been awarded Distributed Control System (DCS) contracts.

作为巴斯夫在欧洲首个新建以太网高级物理层 (Ethernet-APL) 项目的一部分,ABB获得了分布式控制系统 (DCS) 合同。

Ethernet-APL describes a physical layer for the Ethernet communication technology that is designed especially for the requirements of process industries. These require high data communication speeds over long distances, power and communication transmission through a single cable, and protective measures for safe use in hazardous areas. Ethernet-APL is highly robust for extremely reliable operation. Ethernet has long been the standard IT communication solution, while Industrial Ethernet has been the variant of this standard for the process industries. Ethernet-APL bridges the gap between the two.


Testing 240 connected devices to prove the viability before European debut

Prior to proceeding with their first greenfield Ethernet-APL project in Europe, BASF required potential suppliers to conduct Ethernet-APL performance tests before final contracts were awarded. These tests were completed in March 2023 and following their success, BASF placed order for ABB DCS shortly after.


The performance tests were executed by ABB using ABB Ability System 800xA equipment under realistic production equipment environments. Due to this effort, BASF was able to test the APL technology, integration capabilities and maintainability in the overall automation system.

性能测试由ABB使用ABB Ability系统800xA设备在实际生产设备环境下执行。通过这一尝试,巴斯夫能够在整个自动化系统中测试APL技术、集成能力和可维护性。

Gerd Niedermayer, senior E+I Engineering Manager at BASF, now sees the results of all the previous efforts. He said: "We have been working for about five years with industry partners to jointly drive this technology forward, and now we have proven APL’s operational readiness. As a result of these tests, we are now planning to equip new BASF plants in Europe with this technology.”

如今,巴斯夫高级E+I工程经理Gerd Niedermayer看到了之前所有努力的结果。他说:“我们与行业合作伙伴合作了大约五年,共同推动这项技术的发展,现在我们已经证明了APL的运营准备就绪。根据这些测试的结果,我们现在计划为欧洲的新巴斯夫工厂配备这项技术。”

Dr. Emanuel Trunzer, BASF automation engineer at the Center of Technical Expertise for Automation Technology, explained the reasons that the testing was undertaken, and the results achieved. "These tests were done to demonstrate the functioning and robustness of a PROFINET network via Ethernet-APL on a realistic plant scale,” Trunzer said. "This was a great value add to previous lab-scale testing and was essential to gain user acceptance and confidence in this technology. We in Engineering at BASF were invited to incorporate our user requirements into these tests, and that meant almost 240 devices, plus 10 field switches and multiple control systems, were jointly set up to reflect a realistic large-scale system. It was impressive to see that a system with 240 devices operates with such robustness and reliability.”

巴斯夫自动化技术专家中心的自动化工程师Emanuel Trunzer博士解释了进行测试的原因和取得的结果。“这些测试是为了在实际工厂规模上演示通过以太网-APL的PROFINET网络的功能和稳健性,”Trunzer说。“这是对先前实验室规模测试的巨大增值,对于获得用户对该技术的认可和信心至关重要。我们巴斯夫工程部受邀将用户需求纳入这些测试中,这意味着联合设置了近240台设备,加上10个现场开关和多个控制系统,以反映真实的大型系统。令人印象深刻的是,一个拥有240台设备的系统能够如此稳定可靠地运行。"

Higher speed gives many benefits

Ethernet-APL brings several benefits enabling faster, seamless communication between field devices in a process plant, while maintaining the intrinsic safety built into the systems.


The solution also allows easier engineering, commissioning and maintenance of field instrumentation; provides higher availability and better performance; and ensures more usable and insightful data from the production process.


ABB has been an early adopter of Ethernet-APL, working closely with other early adopters in their areas of specialization to introduce this new technology. By fully integrating Ethernet-APL technology into the wider automation scope, users will get smarter and safer overall operations.


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